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Joining AUBO family, it is not just a platform, but also a career worth striving for
National Standard Maker for Collaborative Robots in China
Relying on outstanding strength in technical R&D and distinctive status in the industry, AUBO has participated in the formulation of 21 national and industrial standards for robots, including 3 national standards it organized to formulate AUBO has undertaken 6 projects under the National Key R&D Program, including 2 projects it organized to declare.
Pioneer in the field of collaborative robots
AUBO always focus on the needs in the field of collaborative robots, continuously improve its innovation capabilities, promote the application of scientific research results, and won the first prize of China's Machinery Industry Scientific and Technological Progress.
Localization of core parts
AUBO is committed to providing safe and reliable collaborative robots for customers The products have passed the certification of (PL=d, CAT 3), CE, UL, KCs, CR, SEMI S2 etc, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of the products throughout the life cycle.
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